Ask Chris, The Pier 5 Wedding Specialist

#1 - What is a Wedding Specialist?

What Exactly is a Wedding Specialist? 

"As wedding specialist, it’s my job to take wedding customers from initial nervous inquiry to 5-star review! I understand that most customers have never planned a wedding before, so they are very comfortable as I bring them through all the aspects of planning and detail. Most couples have a vision for what they expect, and can rely on me to make it a reality. Others aren’t so sure, and I can refer them to the professionals they need to develop what they want. I take them through the process from date and site selection to menus and other details. On the wedding day I will coordinate the on-site ceremony and oversee the operations until the food service is completed." 

-Chris Sikora, Pier 5 Hotel's Wedding Specialist

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Chris Sikora, is the Pier 5 Hotel's resident Wedding Specialist. He's been with us for over 3 years and already he's done various types and sizes of weddings and social events! We decided to pick his brain a little to help YOU, the newly engaged couple, or aspiring wedding specialist on this adventure of planning the perfect wedding!