Fell's Point Fun Festival

Fell's Point Main Street presents 47th Annual Oktoberfest!


Hi guys! Fin the Pier 5 Shark here. This weekend is going to be crazy in the Fell’s Point Historic District where Barnacle the Admiral Fell Inn’s Bulldog and Henry, the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf butler are! Every year, the Fell’s Point Main Street committee holds the annual Fell’s Point Fun Fest!

I know I know, I keep mentioning it and I’m bias because I live here in Baltimore, but it is a great event for everyone of all ages! What’s amazing is that the Fell’s Point festival has taken places since 1967. Do you know what that means? If you do the math that’s about…1..2..30..40…50..no..wait..47 years! Rumor has it that this year is huge! (sorry for all the exclamation marks, I’m that excited!) The Fell’s Point Festival is an outdoor street festival with over 200 merchandise vendors, over 40 food vendors in 4 food courts and over 200 arts and crafts exhibitors selling their creations. We can’t forget the five music stages representing all types of music along with a children's activity area! So if you read my adventure in the Italian Festival, imagine how crazy it’ll be at the Fell’s Point Festival!

Last year Barnacle, Henry and myself went and it was fun! I think over 10,000 people showed in the course of the entire weekend! I loved it. I love being around people. It was great seeing people smile and having fun! I tend to swim on over to Fell’s Point, usually I would take the Harbor Magic shuttle that travels between our three hotels but it was one of those days. The moment you walked in, you’ll notice that some of the streets were blocked off, and the many people that were there and tons of vendors! The first thing I did was grab a bite to eat at Slainte’s; Henry & Barnacle went to get drinks. They stopped by the Admiral Fell Inn to get some beer. After that we walked around the vendors and me being me, had to take pictures of EVERYTHING and with everyone! Everyone here is like family and it’s always a delight to see them and new faces. I wanted to get my face painted but Henry said he needed to keep his face classy for the winedown they have at Henderson’s Wharf. So we decided to walk around Fell’s Point until Barnacle and Henry had to leave for their signature events at their respective hotels. I, on the other hand, stayed until the very end. There was live music! I love music, there were tons of bands. I heard this year they have an amazing selection!

I wanna tell you more, but I rather you experience it yourself! Have fun and don’t forget to take lots of pictures and put them on instagram and Facebook! Use the tag ‘#FellsPointFest’. Can’t wait to see what YOU experience!

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