Let's MUUV It!

Baltimore's Running Festival - OCT 20 2018


*wheezing* hey *wheezing* guys! Fin here! Sorry guys, you caught me at a bad time! But no time with you is a bad time! I’m training for the running festival that’s happening tomorrow! Barnacle, the Admiral Fell Inn, bulldog was suppose to train with me but I don’t know where he went..he was with me when we started…uh oh..but before I go and find him I have to tell you about the 15th annual Baltimore Running Festival!

The running festival takes place every year in Baltimore! Open to all ages, we will be running while enjoying the Charm City scenery from the Inner Harbor waterfront area to the Historic Federal Hill & Fell’s Point. There are various running events that you can register for: marathon, half-marathon, 5K, Kids fun run and more! But we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help from the Endurance Leaders team.

The Pier 5 Hotel is partnering with EnduranceLeaders.com to bring the world MUUV – a mobile app connecting people around the world through the commonality of sport. Connections with like-minded movers will be pushed to your phone. Invitations to learn, run, walk, bike, hike….move will come your way. That’s how Barnacle and I managed to train for the Baltimore Running Festival this weekend! Unfortunately, it won’t be released until November, but we got a sneak peak. However! There’s a way for you to access it early.

You didn’t hear it from me, but the Pier 5 Hotel is releasing an new package called ‘Let’s MUUV Baltimore!’ In the package, you'll be able to eat a Fresh Beginnings breakfast in the lobby every morning, access to the MACgym, exlusive content on the MUUV app! 

Baltimore is a city alive with the passion for fitness and friends and the Pier 5 Hotel is in the center of it all. It’s perfect for those who are ready to get in shape and MUUV! I hope you can join this revolutionary movement with us! I know Barnacle and I are…if only I can find him…

What is the difference between motivation and inspiration? Motivation is external - - Inspiration is internal. Motivation requires an external force to create an environment and Inspiration is an internal belief that what you are doing is for the greater good - - making all things better. Change begins with motivation - -perpetuated through inspiration.

The MUUV Baltimore packaged experience is the motivation you need to get inspired to change your life and the lives of others! Now is the time to MUUV!

Sorry guys, but I have to run ahead and find him! I’ll catch you next time; hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow at the festival! If not, I’ll catch you next week!

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