Sharks Aren't All Bad

Hi! Fin here with some news from the Pier 5 Hotel People everywhere are talking about sharks. Great whites are in the news fighting with dudes on surf boards. Bull sharks are acting like they own the reefs. The media is sharing all sorts of stories and people are freaking out. Well – I’m here to tell you – we aren’t all bad. There are good sharks! Like me. And like my buddies the Blacktips over at Baltimore’s National Aquarium.

The Blacktip Reef exhibit is amazing. One of a kind! The tank is a recreation of the Indo-Pacific ocean - - a coral reef! You feel like you are right in among them. It is so breathtaking the exhibit even won an incredibly cool award from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It is the biggest award new exhibits can win. Check it out! While you are there answer me one question. Why are zebra sharks called zebra sharks when they don’t have stripes? They have spots! Give a high fin to Zeke and Zoe – two zebras in the exhibit. Also – don’t forget to watch Calypso sail by. He doesn’t move real fast. He’s a 500 pound green sea turtle.

Why not come visit me at the Pier 5 Hotel. The hotel offers an awesome Baltimore Aquarium Package.