Sushi Tuesdays

It is a Fintastic day at the Pier 5 Hotel. Why you ask? Because it’s Sushi Tuesday and I LOVE to eat sushi….just as long as I am not on the menu!

Every Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 my friends at the Pier V gather in the lobby for an amazing and fun demo about how to prepare sushi, choose the right kind of sushi for your tastes and, most importantly, how to eat it! You get to sample of course. I’m a lobster and crab kind of guy. I hate cracking shells. Sushi chefs do all that for you. My biggest deal is how to grab chopsticks with my fins. At the end of each Sushi Tuesday the chef shares some insider info on great places to eat fresh sushi in Baltimore. Roll on in for Sushi Tuesday.